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Leonora Haircare is a young company with a passion for creating the very finest products to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp – no chemicals or additives, just an all-natural distillation of the cleansing, healing power of nature. Eco-friendly packaging too!

Products are made in small batches to maintain the integrity and freshness of the ingredients.

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Vegan, Natural And Certified Products

Vegan, Natural And Certified Products



Suitable For All Hair Types

Suitable For All Hair Types

Amazing Results

Amazing Results

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I have researched and used good products,  but, the shine was not lasting,  I was over hydrating my natural hair, and I was experiencing quite some shedding during shampoo and styling. Add to that the feeling of dried hair along the week, it was not pleasant at all. I am now pleased to tell that since conditioning and combing with Leonora Chebe and Fenugreek Moisturising Hair Butter,  my hair not only retains moisture for about 14 days, but it keeps a healthy shine. The butter is a pleasure to work with: spreads evenly, penetrates the fibers and doesn\'t make the hair heavy. It doesn\'t make a mess so you won\'t waste product. The smell is from natural ingredients, not overpowering at all, fades away along the days. I also tested Leonora Revitalising Hair Oil on three locations where I had traction alopecia (from securing wigs). After 3 months of regular massages on those spots, I am seeing regrowth that I had almost accepted would never happen.  Leonora is now my go-to haircare; a line that I honestly am recommending any chance I get! Chana-Yael, Jerusalem

Finally the right products for me!!

★★★★★ "Ravie de ma commande ! Mes cheveux raffolent déjà de ce beurre ! Coup de coeur pour ce produit !" France-Aimee, France

Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ \"I love this hair butter! This is my second pot and it’s the best product I’ve found (and the only one I use) on my fine, naturally curly hair. It gives my curls moisture and definition, without feeling greasy or waxy. I also now have fewer split ends and generally healthy hair. Really happy! Delivery was really fast too and the item was beautifully packaged. I also like that the packaging contains no plastic at all!\" vicki W, UK

Thank you so much for my hair oil, its made my hair so soft and feels great🙏🏾. Hair butter is amazing to gives my hair a nice shine to it, will definitely be putting an order in.


Thank you for the most amazing hair oil. Took me back home childhood days and remembered my mum massaging hair oil on my hair. Your hair oil will definitely be the best seller for being such pure, calming, amazing quality and soothing fragrance. Thank you for giving it to me to try!


The oil smells great and my hair feels really healthy. Its also encouraged hair regrowth where it went thin after pregnancy....I would recommend this product xx


I have been using the oil for the last 2 months now. It really works well for me, it is not too greasy, it moisturizes from the inside. My hair seems to be breaking less now, and am hoping it will start growing more and breaking less. I am giving it a thumbs up xx


Having tried the sample pot of oil on my hair which is dry & brittle from continuous colouring on the roots, the results were very effective, it left my hair smoother, great shine and more manageable to style. This product i would use again, rather than a treatment at the hairdresser, it is also cost effective and can be done at one’s convenience.


It made my hair feel really soft, and tangle free. Will like to buy some more! Also like the smell! Cannot wait! X


The hair oil made by Laurence was absolutely fantastic for my hair. I have very dry hair and also suffer from scalp dermatitis so I am very careful about what I use and I found the oil suited me to a tee. The smell was gorgeous and I found a little went a long way.


Having recently lightened my hair for the first time, my ends were looking frazzled! This hair butter applied to the ends while damp really helped to smooth out the rough damaged hair. I’ve also used a little bit of it on dry hair and that was also nicely hydrating.


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