Finally the right products for me!!

I have researched and used good products,  but, the shine was not lasting,  I was over hydrating my natural hair, and I was experiencing quite some shedding during shampoo and styling. Add to that the feeling of dried hair along the week, it was not pleasant at all. I am now pleased to tell that since conditioning and combing with Leonora Chebe and Fenugreek Moisturising Hair Butter,  my hair not only retains moisture for about 14 days, but it keeps a healthy shine. The butter is a pleasure to work with: spreads evenly, penetrates the fibers and doesn’t make the hair heavy. It doesn’t make a mess so you won’t waste product. The smell is from natural ingredients, not overpowering at all, fades away along the days. I also tested Leonora Revitalising Hair Oil on three locations where I had traction alopecia (from securing wigs). After 3 months of regular massages on those spots, I am seeing regrowth that I had almost accepted would never happen.  Leonora is now my go-to haircare; a line that I honestly am recommending any chance I get! Chana-Yael, Jerusalem