How It All Started

I had been looking for products for my natural hair for a while but couldn’t find THE ONE that answered all my needs.

So, I set out to do some research, through which I came across the fascinating world of Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. This prompted me to experiment in my kitchen to make my own version of hair products that would address my issues: having worked in the medical field for many years, the stress left me with dry and thinning hair, itchy scalp, slow growth, hair breakage.

Through many months of blending, infusing, refining and filtering I came up with my own hair oil, which really seemed to have an exceptional effect on my hair.

The thought of turning this passion and knowledge into a business opportunity came to me following the loss of my job in a chemists, laid off as a result of Covid-related employee culling.

With some assistance from a herbalist specialising in Ayurvedic herbs I fine-tuned my hair oil formula and created a moisturising hair butter whip to complement the oil, before commencing on tackling the all-important (but distinctly less enjoyable) bureaucratic paperwork to get them both officially Certified – all Leonora products are safe and legal!

My aim with Leonora is to tackle those problematic hair issues mentioned above, not only for Afro hair like mine, but for all hair types. I am very keen to keep Leonora environmentally savvy, using 100% vegan products, sustainable ingredients and Eco-friendly packaging.

All our products are fully certified to cosmetic industry standards.

This is how Leonora Haircare was born. My new venture. My passion.

Created by Laurence Quinnell (Owner).


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